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VMs: Welcome to the new Voynich address

I've set up a new list with everyone who was signed up at the
voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx list, to try to avoid the Earthlink/AOL
feud.  I will leave the cryptogram.org address up during the
transition.  Please let me know if you have any trouble with
the new operation -- since it's running under Majordomo we
should have a little more control of its functionality.

I've disabled the "who" command, thinking some might not want
their email address to be available to other subscribers.  Let
me know if you think this is inappropriate.

One big advantage of Majordomo control is that you will be
able to subscribe and unsubscribe yourself without waiting
for me to get around to it.

The list is being run from voynich.net, which was initially
reserved and sponsored by Glen.  I'm now paying for the domain.

Please send messages for the list to vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx,
and administrative requests that can't be handled by Majordomo
to me or to owner-vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I expect some glitches during the transition -- please be
understanding and patient, and let me know what's gone wrong.

Happy holidays...
	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 24 Foreyule S.R. 2002, 07:06, 7 Caban 10 Mac, Ninth Lord of Night

To unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx with a body saying:
unsubscribe vms-list