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VMs: Volkskunstmuseum in Amsterdam...?

Hi everyone,

One loose end I'd like to tie up is how far back the tradition of the "Altweibermuehle" goes - this is a tradition of a mill that turns old women into young women... only these days they just a slide. :-)

http://mitglied.lycos.de/altweibermuehle http://mitglied.lycos.de/altweibermuehle/tradition.htm

This "Tradition" page mentions a "Volkskunstmuseum in Amsterdam", but this doesn't seem to match up any of the ones on the http://www.amsterdammuseums.nl/ site - can anybody suggest what museum it might be referring to?

The only other mention of Altweibermuehle I found on the web (in Google's cache) was a (since reorganised and quite possibly defunct) lyrics discussion board...


...where "Bruce" posted (in October 1997):-

	There are also many ballads about old people, including
	some who wouldn't act like others expected (i.e, bawdy).
	There is also one about the Dutch Miller who put old wives
	and harlots into his mill and ground out tender young virgins
	(adapted from an earlier German illustrated broadsheet). A
	cheap print of a large engraving of this mill was a very
	popular wall decoration in English county cottages in the
	18th century).

Any suggestions on where to look for this broadsheet would be much appreciated - German is definitely one of my research weaknesses! :-)

Thanks, .....Nick Pelling.....