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VMs: Sendivogius etc...

Hi Dana,

Interesting. I also see that you have come across him before and that he appears to have had ties "...to the imperial court in Prague" through Sendivogius.

Don't forget that Sendivogius is basically the "Kevin Bacon" of Renaissance alchemy - everyone (and everything) seems connected to him (though typically by one degree of separation rather than by six). :-)

And if you haven't seen it already, Rafal Prinke has posted a really interesting article on Sendivogius' possible role as the missing link between John Dee and the Rosicrucians:-


I think that if the VMS was in Prague when we think it was, Sendivogius would have heard of it (100%), would have seen it (99%), and quite possibly would have owned it too (??%). :-)

If you buy into the Dee-Kelly-VMS connection, don't forget that (as Rafal mentions) Sendivogius bought some of Kelly's estate from his widow - and if Kelly then owned the VMS, that too might have been part of the same deal, who knows?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: Rafal - the British Library has several copies of Harmonia, 2 in Latin, 1 in French, and 2 in English (search for "Nuysement" in http://blpc.bl.uk/ for the details). If you still haven't seen it yourself, is there anything in it you'd like me to look for?

PPS: has anyone here seen Joachim Morsius' "Anastasii Philareti Cosmopolitae Epistola Sapientissime FRC Remissa. Philadelphia: Harpocrates" that Rafal's article mentions? If so, do you know if the "Philareti" in the title has anything to do with the Italian architect Filarete, or is it just some kind of obscure Rosicrucian wordplay? It would also seem unlikely to refer to the Byzantine Saint Philaretus, but you never know. :-) More on Morsius (in German) is here:-

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