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Re: VMs: Hello and Voynich Manuscript

Hi Adam,

I started by choosing a section of the document to look at,
and seeing as I don't know a lot about plants, well not the
latin named variety, and I have never believed in astrology,
I chose the cosmology section.

IMO, trying to understand the medieval and early modern periods without understanding astrology will likely only give you half a picture - astrological themes runs through wars, religion, governance, weddings, medicine, food, architecture, etc. You don't have to believe in it to study it! :-)

Anyway, while reading through this interesting subject, I noticed
an interesting photo of the horoscope of King Henry VI, (Page 127)
which has some very similar symbols as the Voynich manuscript.
I then came across a photo of a Zodiac Man that had numbers down
the side of a picture of the man. (Page 120)

Does the book give references for where these two manuscripts are held?

While I do not know enough about astrology to be able to decode them all,
I have seen the character P (Frogguy lj and qj) used in some of the photos
from the book I have read, and this is used for shorthand of parallel
(Same Hemisphere) and cP (Frogguy cljt and cqjt) for contraparallel
(Opposite Hemisphere).  I have also seen H (Frogguy lp and qp)
although I do not know what this stands for.

Do you mean (astrologically speaking):- Parallel = same hemisphere = conjunction or combustion? Contraparallel = opposite hemisphere = opposition?

What is the possibility that the writing in the Voynich manuscript does not
actually form part of a language or coded language but are actually
astrological/astronomical readings or some form of horoscope?
This would certainly explain the repetitive nature of the writing and

But note that any sequence of data - numbers, measurements, times, etc - could potentially give the same kinds of coding artefacts.

I'll post again later on astrological shorthand.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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