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VMs: Re: Sendivogius etc...

Dear all,

yes, Petr is right, these people were corresponding
a lot (but only we do it 'like crazy')  :-)

--- Petr Kazil <kazil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From:  Athanasius Kircher 1602-1680
> To:  Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge -1681?
> Place of sending:  Rome
> Year:  1668
> univ utrecht Shelf-mark:  Hs 1058

van Waesberge was the publisher of Kircher's
books, so there must be quite a few letters
between them in Holland.

> From:  Antoinette de Bourignon
> To:  J. Marci - *** could this be our man, probably
> too late ?
> Place of sending:  S.l.
> Year:  1672
> uva amsterdam - Shelf-mark:  III A 32:h4

That must be our man. Yes, he'd been dead 5
years, but there are more letters addressed to
him posthumously. The fact that the letter is
in A'dam could mean that it was never sent.

Cheers, Rene

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