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VMs: Medieval naturalism - was: Hello

> Van Eijck's famous altar piece (it's a 'drieluik',
> again I can't think of the English word), which
> is called the 'Lam Gods' (Lamb of God :-) )
> Look at the detail in the tiny flowers, the
> transparent sceptre, etc. etc.

Triptych ?
That's exactly one of the examples that Huizinga uses (is he just as famous
in the Anglosaxon countries as he is here?).

And I've also read a lot of interesting secondary literature about the
theft - and partial return - of the two panels stolen from this famous
altarpiece (in 1934). Although the thief is known, one of the panels has
never been found. They're still searching for it from time to time (most
recently last autumn). It's a mystery that's almost as captivating as the
VMS :-)

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