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Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3

> Also: though the 9-rosette map page seems to tie in to the same time and
> place as the herbals and the bath sections, I can't currently assert that
> it is from the same source as them.

Could you specifiy what you mean by "source" ?
In my opinion it is 100% certain that the plants, the 9 rosette diagram and
the astrological sections were drawn by the same person - there are too many
matches in drawing-technique and re-use of shapes.
If you mean that the author re-mixed :-) his sources - like the writer of
Genesis or the later Gospels - I could agree.

Then we're back again at the hypothesis that some "student" made a "quick
and dirty" personal copy of all the stuff that his teachers told him.
Sometimes maybe without knowing what the information really meant and making
up stuff in the process. But then we should have found more copies of the
VMS by now.

And it matches up with the theory of Philp Neal about alchemical herbals
I think we should have given more praise for his theory and example.
Philip - do you have more of those very interesting pictures?

Could we thank the anonymous person who posted all the VMS pages at
http://voynich.no-ip.com/folios ? I've been downloading like mad, because I
don't know how long such a site can stay up.

I'll be offline for a while. Happy new year to you all. After the break I'll
follow up my hypothesis about "a scribe who used his illumination repertoire
to compose the drawings". As far as I know good calligraphers aren't
automatically good illustrators.

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