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RE: Voynich images [was Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3]

Jim Gillogly wrote:
> A thorough job indeed.  I notice that this scan from the B&W
> microfilm is significantly better in quality than the Copyflo
> print many of us bought.  I don't know whether the
> Beinecke would
> like this scan, but he's gotten permission to do other things
> with the Ms. that the rest of us haven't been able to do, so I
> assume the bases are covered.

His scans are so much better than mine that, halfway through my
transcription, I will probably have to go back and proof against
the better images.  How one gets permission to do ANYTHING with
the VMS is beyond me.  My own request was forwarded and left
lingering (read IGNORED), and follow -ups have also been left
unanswered.  Perhaps the VMS is meant to exist in limbo - with
neither an affirmative nor a negative in any form. ;-)  Naw!!!  I
like free pizza too much to give up now.


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