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VMs: Time line

Hi all,

After a long break, I am starting to review the web evmt material which I hope 
will be online soon. I started by reviewing the timeline which is still 
availabale through a link at Stolfi's site:


There are lots of voids and I am sure that many of you may have recollection 
of interesting details that could be added and which I have forgotten, 
especially about things that had happened since the mail list started. I am a 
bit lazy about going through the many MBs of mail, so I am asking for some 
help by inviting you to submitt your favourite landmarks in the voynich time 
line. Anything that you think should be included is welcome. (I may reserve 
the right of not including them, though... that's life :-) ).

To avoid a heavy traffic, you may want to contact me directly instead with the 
same subject line as this message, but if you prefer to mail the list, it is 
still fine with me (please don't do both as I will receive everything twice).

The landmarks that come to mind at the moment and I do not have dates/autors 

Jacques: Chinese theory? When?
Friedman: Synthetic language? When?

When did Stolfi created the mantle-crust-core and the OKO stuff?
When was Stolfi's interlinear file made?

When did the Kircher letters go online?

Who discovered Kinner's letter (was it you Rene?).

(Sorry to ask this again, Nick): what was the document using "qo" for 
encrypting 1 character?

Stolfi, you gave a talk on VMS & Combinatronics (?), what was the date and 

Julie P / Jim R: who made the first voynich font and when?

Dennis' King tut redundancy scheme (date?, is it still available online?)

Also any write ups that would improve the understanding of any statistical 
properties of text is welcome:
Mark P: when was your LRC work published?

Should this time line include all the published articles in Jim R's 

Michael Roe: (are you there?) Who was the radiocarbon expert who was consulted 
about the vms?

When did Prof. Watson confirmed Dee's handwriting?

Any of W Voynich's life events would also be useful. (moved to UK, to USA, 

Thanks and happy new year.


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