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Re: VMs: Time line

On Saturday 28 Dec 2002 10:47 pm, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> And, really, there are still scores of potentially
> interesting letters in the Kircher collection that
> have not yet been checked for 'Voynich' contents.

Indeed! There is also this other letter APUG 557 [64r-64v] in which Marci just 
mentions Baresch sending his regards to Kircher.

I also found that there is an error or more likely miss-print in Fletchers's 
article in Janus 1972 on "Marci writes to Kircher". He cites Letter 2 (the 
Baresch one) as 17 Sept 1640, but the letter is really 12 Sept 1640. Not that 
it makes a lot of difference... :-)

What still puzzles me is how Fletcher did not make the connection between 
Baresch and the vms since he (Fletcher) knew about the VMS and the Marci 
letter of 1666.

Another one, he mentions that Marci wrote letters to Kircher between Aug 1640 
to Sep 1665, yet in the referenes he mentions the 1666 letter.

And the last one (I think that we discussed this before). In ref 51 it says 
that Baresch "had already visited Kircher in Rome..." 
Is this correct or is he mixing Baresch and Marci?



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