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Re: VMs: Hyvernat

--- "Rafal T. Prinke" <rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Another interesting collection would be that of 
> Rt. Rev. Prof. Eugene Xavier Henri Hyvernat
> (1858-1941)
> of the Catholic University of America, the person
> who
> asked about Kircher's correspondence in Rome at
> Voynich's
> request and after his death studied the VMS together
> with Theodore Petersen:
>   http://libraries.cua.edu/manuA-K.html#HYVERNAT
> I doubt it may contain any solutions, as Hyvernat
> did
> not find anything in Rome - but there may be some
> clues
> on what Voynich told him about the VMS.
> Has anyone inspected it already?

A few years ago I corresponded with a Mrs.
Blanchard of the CUA (not sure if it was the 
archives...). She was very helpful. I had asked if
she was aware of original reproductions of the
Voynich MS (which were not there) or any correspon-
dence between him and Voynich, of which there was
one letter, related to the Pierpont Morgan
She also sent me some published articles about
Hyvernat's life, one of them written on the
occasion of his death, by Th.Petersen. There was
nothing of Voynichological interest in there...


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