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Re: VMs: Marci letter - mention of alphabetem

From: "John Grove" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

	Another Marci letter from the shoot and miss browsing. It would probably
help if I could
really read this stuff, eh?

An interesting letter, but nothing to do with the Voynich manuscript. There are one or two things I can't make out, but the gist of it is clear.

Reuerende in Christo Pater Domine et Amice obseruandissime

Spem de aduentu et quidem proximo Reuerendae Pxxx Vestrae, qua me et alios plures
illius cupidos lactaui, haec ultima epistola precidit, male que sit illis
tardigradis, per quos stant ille morae, nostraque desideria non sine cruciatu diferuntur;
Tametsi uero iussu Caesaris scripsi AP Vestrae, suo ut aduentu eodem gratificaretur
uereor tamen ne editio lexici coptoarabici remoretur. Sed si typos habemus,
quid prohibet vllius editionem hic fieri et honorem patriae potius quam exteris
concedi. Quod attinet statum patriae, pacem in proximo futuram omnium ore
celebrari audimus et credimus; num qui amant ipsi sibi somnia fingant;
interea tamen arma undique circumferuntur, Marsque cruentus pauidas Musas terret
His diebus miles Suecicus Bohemiam, atque illius metu urbem praesidium militare
est ingressum. Literas Banner a nostris interceptae si legi potuissent, haud dubie clades auertissent: uerum in his ego, et plures alij mecum frustra insudauimus, O
quoties lamentati sumus nimium tenacem suorum secretorum P. Athanasium, qui
hanc artem me non docuerit, quae toti Regno salutem attulissent! Illarum copiam
transmitto, ut sensum numerorum et alphabetam nobis remittat, saltem in alia
occasione nobis usui futurum. Illust d Comes Bernardus legatione in Silesiam bene
defunctus redijt, et Ratisbonae manet aduentumque AP Vestre una cum Caesare
cupide expectat, quem Deus nobis cito largiatur.

Valeat felicissime nostri memor. Prago 2 Martiij 1641

Nadre Pr iii Vae

Reverend Father in Christ, Lord and esteemed Friend

Your last letter, Reverend Father, has dashed the hope of your coming (and that shortly) with which I suckled myself and many others desirous thereof: may it fare ill with the tardy feet to whose charge lie the delays which have deferred our desires with
such torment. Albeit I did write, at Caesar's very command, to favour him alike by your coming, yet I fear that the publishing of the Copto-Arabic lexicon
will be delayed. But if we have the types, what prevents that the publishing be done
here and that honour accorded to the realm and not to strangers?

As touches the state of the realm, in every mouth we hear and believe that peace is
at hand (will not they that are in love make their own dreams?) yet the while arms are
borne in every quarter and cruel Mars afrights the blenching Muses. In these latter
days the Suecian soldier has entered into Bohemia and, through fear of him, a military
garrison into the city. The letters intercepted of us from Banner, could we but have
read them, had without doubt averted the calamity: in truth I and many others with me
sweated at them in vain. O how often did we lament that Father Athanasius, too
jealous of his secrets, taught me not this art, which had belike brought deliverance to
all the realm. I send a store of them for him to return the sense of the numbers and the
alphabet thereof, to be of use to us at least on some other occasion. The illustrious
Count Bernardus having well discharged his mission has withdrawn into Silesia and
rests at Ratisbon, and avidly awaits your coming, Reverend Father, together with
Caesar, may God grant it us swiftly.

Fare happily and be mindful of us

Prague 2 March 1641

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