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Re: VMs: new revelations

Dear all,

a happy new year to all!

--- Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Another possibility that Rene suggested (and Gerry
> Kennedy mentions in the 
> BBC4 programme in relation to Marci's letter) is
> that the Kircher 
> correspondence (Baresch, Marci and Kinner's) are all
> genuine, but the MS is a 
> forgery made to fit the letters.

Actually, I have heard this suggestion from both
Stolfi and Rafal (independently) but I simply 
cannot believe it (until proven otherwise :-) ).

It is good to keep in mind that there are some
pieces of evidence that could not have been
'forged' by Voynich: Marci's printed book and the
Kircher correspondence (which is cross-referenced
and the index includes the Baresch letter).

In view of these new revelations, I would be 
more inclined to believe that Wilfrid was fully
opportunistic about the Roger Bacon origin of 
the VMs (he said that he had considered it 
independently of the Marci letter).

Cheers, Rene

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