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Re: VMs: Moretus

On Wednesday 01 Jan 2003 11:25 pm, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> I think that the Baresch letter states (or implies)
> that B. got confirmation that his earlier letter
> was received by K.

It says:
"... if it is true that what I sent you the first time never reached Rome, as 
I conclude from the fact that after such a long time I have not heard of any 
reply about this." 

and then

"Therefore I decided to repeat this - the above-mentioned Father Moretus told 
me that he [it?] arrived safely in Rome; about which I was very pleased, ..."

I think that this could be read as if Moretus arrived to Rome, but Baresch is 
not sure that Kircher got the letter... Could this be?
> There is also a somewhat longer quote related
> to Baresch in Marci's 1640 letter (see
> www.voynich.nu/letters.html) which has not yet
> been translated from Latin, and I don't fully
> understand the text.

"Scheda"  according to Chamblers-Murray Latin-English dictionary means a strip 
of papyrus bark or a sheet of paper.

> Furthermore, I just noticed a mistake in my
> introduction on that same page. When Marci was
> in Rome, he already knew Baresch very well.

Interesting, how did you find out? Is it from the Marci book?

> Did the Baresch letter reach Kircher while Marci
> was there? Probably not too important....

Marci was in Rome from 1638 to 1640. In Fletcher's article it says that Marci 
met Kircher in 1639 or 1640, so it is difficult to say from this alone.



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