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Re: VMs: new revelations

On Thursday 02 Jan 2003 7:36 pm, JJJRLandau@xxxxxxx wrote:
> "The presence of the [Voynich] manuscript at his [Rudolf II's] court in
> Prague was later proved by the discovery in a margin of the autograph of
> Johannes de Tepenecz, a Bohemian scientist who was a favorite of Rudolf."
> Is Kahn correct? 

Yes, Voynich claims that he "applied chemicals" and the signature appeared at 
the bottom of f1r. Rene Z confirmed that there is a relatively clear photo of 
this in one of  the boxes at the Beinecke.

> If he is, then we know the Voynich MS was in existence in
> Rudolf's time.  If not...

If one suspects that Voynich may have forged it, then this only shows that 
there is a name in the page. Strictly it is not a proof that it was there at 
the time. 



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