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Re: VMs: new revelations

Nick Pelling wrote:

> But still, why would de Tepenecz' autograph have been removed 
> in the first place?

There are extensive discussions on this in the archives which
I have just browsed looking for Siberia and 1930.

It is indicated there that:

1. The signature is (was?) not visible originally.

2. There is an UV or IR (also controversial which) photograph in 
   the Beinecke on which it can be seen - but no such photographs
   of other pages.

3. Voynich said he had applied some chemicals to this place.

And now we know there are 4 letters in Moscow written 
in "sympathetic" ink, i.e. one that becomes visible when
you apply chemicals to it. 

The conspiracy theory would be that Voynich used sympathetic
ink for the signature so that it couldn't be easily 
compared to the original signatures of Tepenecz.

As you may remember, there is at least one MS with his
signature in the same place:


Best regards,

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