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AW: VMs: Super hi-res scanner suggestions...?

Title: AW: VMs: Super hi-res scanner suggestions...?

These map techniques are vector based, i.e. an ordinary map is first vectorized and stored with greatest detail in a map file.The other (lower detail) views are generated from the vector base.What you are looking is the image compression tech used by some web shops, with the full image is copressed/decompressed on the fly.This is AFAIK know done by storing the image at full resolution on a server and sending the needed and compressed part thru the web.At the client side only a part is decompressed and shown.


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I think it would be interesting if we could use internet map
technology to zoom into these scans, the kind used to let you
zoom from your country into the cul-de-sac down the street from
you: mouse on a point and hit a button that will produce more
and more detail for you.
        Jim Gillogly
        Sterday, 7 Afteryule S.R. 2003, 16:24, 10 Ben 6 Kankin, Seventh Lord of Night

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