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Re: VMs: Herbal illustrations

--- ajb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Just a thought, and very likely not an original one
> -
> I expect it has been fully discussed already, but it
> occurs to me 
> that the illustrations in the 'Herbal' section look
> to me as if they were 
> drawn by or painted by someone who knew nothing of
> the plants 
> concerned but was working from a written description
> by someone else,
> perhaps themselves describing things unseen (such as
> Herodotus.)


Yes, this has been suggested before, but it has
not really been discussed very much. It is one
of many possible ideas and I don't think it
ever caught on. FWIW, I like this idea very much.

I am only aware of Pliny as a non-illustrated
source for herbal text, but I have no knowledge
in the field. I strongly suspect that there are
many more, e.g. in Arabic sources, that only
the fewest in the list (if any) will have access
to or knowledge about.

Lind regards, Rene

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