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Re: VMs: Astronomical Notes, Comments, and Replies

I'm thinking in particular of f67v1. In the short line of text (4 letters.5 letters) to the left of the face between the dark stars, the first word is 1572, which for me confirms that it depicts Tycho's Star.

I could still be barking up the wrong tree, and it depicts
Kepler's Star-- the supernova of 1604 in Ophiuchus.
Just a few comments:
The appearance of all "stars" as well as all lunar cycle and lunar / solar eclipse references are related to the destruction as the "symbols of the loss and return of light on earth." This is also true of Mayan information which shows the last katun of this Age which began in 1992 and ends 2012, uses a glyph of Storm followed by Sun; a period of darkness followed by one of light. The solstice sun on 2012 points to the cause of the destruction...the galactic core. The "galaxy" depiction on 68r1.

"Star" appearances refer to the "appearance" of the Blue Star core of the galaxy when the destruction arrives. According to the translation I have, there is a reference to a painted blue eye.

> I seem to remember the socalled Saggittarian "long bow archer" in the
> Astrological section of the VMS wearing a Brescian (or at any rate, a
> Northern Italian, even Florentine) Capello, (or"hat"),

Sagittarius' bow shot "points" to the galactic core. Source of the destruction.

All references point from the earth UP...to the sky..."the Above / Heavens."
I have put up a quick page on a couple of points:

I do not do astronomy. I do love watching people work that know what they are doing. I bring these ideas up because the next question in logical sequence should be...WHY? Why are these things there? These recent astronomical "finds" continue to confirm my beliefs which have changed in only two respects in the last two years. One: I believe Nick is right (still to be proven out of course). The VMS is multiple documents / topics thrown together. The astrological / zodiacal sections here, represents material that dates back to about 5000 BC when, at that time, it was lost sometime between the minor destructions then, and the writing of the original Sumerian Ziusudra epic, which, of course, we do not have. At some time after that first writing, this material became integrated with religion and lost.
Two: I believe I have enough information to begin a study that shows this End Times information WAS, somehow, gathered by "certain people" and restored.

I continue to believe, as I did 2 years ago, that this section (at least) was done in visually encoded Hebrew.


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