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RE: VMs: Astronomical Note: Revised Interpretations

Not sure if my last got through.   I think there is at least one known star name; that is the "hinge" star in Pisces, which is clearly named in the MS on the pisces page, and whose arabic name is Al Rischa, or the cord according to Allen.
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And Cygnus at 4:00?

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/23/03 10:47PM >>>
Using the number-letter correspondences on f49v has
proven to be invaluable to translating the astronomical

EVA <okol> translates as 1615, and is found in three
places on f68r2: the fourth word in the third line of text
across the top; by the Moon's right eye, and by the
planet's right eye. It is also found above the Moon's
right eye on f68r3.

Examination of the night sky of that year has revealed
that f68r2 depicts a Moon/Saturn alignment on
30 December 1615.

f68r3 shows the Moon in relationship to the Pleiades
on that same night. In contrast to my earlier statements,
the star behind the Pleiades IS Aldebaran, and the wavy
line connecting the Moon to the cluster means that it
WILL occult them the next night.

Saturn is in Pisces, and the Moon in Aries. Somebody
versed in astrology might want to check this.

I have made a jpeg with lables for those interested.

The success of using the numbers in finding the depicted
astronomical events on the above and other folios provides
strong evidence that we now have a partial list of
Voynichese numbers:

#    EVA
0    f?
1    o
2    r
3    y
4    e
5    '    l
6    t
7    s    a
8    ?
9    ?

Characters for 0, 8, and 9 have so far proven elusive.

In addition, we now have labels for the Pleiades and
Aldebaran. NOTE: Allen's "Star Names" does not give a
five-letter name for the Pleiades with the 2nd and
5th letters identical.

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