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Re: VMs: Entropy, was WAR against EVA

Hi everyone,

From Rene's web-page:-

> A word game to translate Latin to Voynichese must:
>	Increase predictability of word starts
>	Make words shorter
>	Maintain the length of the vocabulary
> This seems at odds with what one would expect from the type
> of word games which have been looked at by Voynich MS list
> members (this does not refer specifically to the two examples
> used above).

Here are a couple of word games that I think exhibit the specified properties:

(1) A number code, where the numbers are written in a (steganographic) form of Roman numerals, but perhaps accessorised or modified (for declination/conjugation etc). This would fit in with a Florentine code-making tradition.

(2) Discard vowels (which shortens the word-length) but encode each consonant (and frequent consonant pairs) as a glyph sequence, built out of a smaller alphabet of glyphs. If ambiguous, extra "hint" letters could be added. This would fit in with a Milanese cipher-making tradition.

Also: simply converting the glyph-groups in the VMS' text (as I suggested recently) into an underlying stream of tokens and then examining the transition-matrix (ie, token vs following token), may alone be sufficient to reveal a new kind of deep structure inside VMS words.

Even if the VMS' text were to eventually prove to be an invented language, this process might still yield a significant step forwards.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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