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RE: VMs: Verbs at begin - arabic ??

3/7/03 9:42:54 PM, "John Grove" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>	Okay... how would you read it? Wouldn't that be like assigning
>4 different characters to 1 VMS character? So, 'd' could be your choice
>of B,N,T, or Y & 'y' could be your choice of W or F, and throw in vowels
>at random -- I think it would be difficult to make this a rule that could
>build confidence that the deciphered form was the only one possible...

Exactly, except for the vowels. You can fairly read Arabic without knowing
what the vowels are, because such is the nature of the language.
For instance, ktb can mean "book" or "he wrote" depending on the 
vowels, but there is still a commonality of meaning.

To ket a vakoe etea ov vat totlezz Alapek mekt look leke, juzt
leat tez zemtemze.

Yes, barely on the decipherable side.

If only I could remember in what book I saw a sample of that
"dotless" Arabic.... Actually, I'll ask on sci.lang.

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