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Re: VMs: George of Trebizond's horoscope... (sorry Claudio not Claus!!!)

Hi Vladimir,

Can you run your program again, but for Crete? "Trebizond" was his name, Crete was his birthplace. :-) These are the values you'd be trying to match:-

        Saturn  21 Sco R
        Jupiter 02 Gem
        Mars            11 Ari
        Sun             23/24 Ari
        Venus   07 Tau
        Mercury 20 Ari
        Moon            00 Pis
        Asc node        12 Cap

Though, ultimately, what's probably important here is what George *believed* his natal horoscope to be (which was probably calculated using Alfonsine tables), rather than what it actually was. :-o

Thanks, .....Nick Pelling.....

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