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Re: VMs: Astronomical Note: f68r3

--- Larry Roux <lroux@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Looking at f70r2 I am convinced that it depicts the
> comet of July/August 1593 - the year is correct in
> the center circle and in the inner circle, right
> side (again, follow the eyes) is "s al d air" which
> I take to mean "7th and 8th months"
> If true, that would be 2 words to go with the
> numbers.

This is an interesting observation, but comets were
not known to be celestial bodies that re-appear,
so this could not possibly be a prediction.
The date 1593 is far too late.

To me, this is evidence that it is possible to
read anything in the MS text if one looks for

Keep up the good work though,

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