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VMs: Ruysschaert's sources

I don?t think these informations have already been published on the vms-list.

René Zandbergen give the Ruysschaert?s following reference "  Ruysschaert, Mgr. José: Codices Vaticani Latini, Codices 11414-11709, Schedis Henrici Carusi Adhibitis, Recensuit José Ruysschaert, Bibliothecae Vaticanae Scriptor, MCMLIX (1959) ". " Schedis Henrici Carusi Adhibitis " means : " has consulted the papers of Henrici Carusi ".

Henrici is the latin form of Enrico (Henry). This guy is probably Enrico Carusi. The " Dizionario bio-bibliografico dei bibliotecari italiani del XX secolo " says he was born in Polluti (province of Chieti, Italy) on February 1st, 1878 and dead in the City of Vatican, on December 14th, 1945. He was the writer for Latin letters near the apostolic Library Vatican and member of the Consiglio direttivo dell'Associazione italiana biblioteche from its foundation (1930).

In 1920, he wrote, with Marco Vatasso, scrittore effettivo of the Biblioteca apostolica vaticana in 1899, the Codices Vaticani Latini 10301-10700.

His works has probably been done at least 30 years before the Ryusschaert?s publication.