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Re: VMs: strange post on soc.culture.french

Hi Jacques,

It looks like something generated by a first-order
word monkey. I cannot believe that it was actually
typed by a human being (or an alien from any space!)

...or might it be written in a verbose cipher? :-9

However, when I was looking at word salad manuscripts (last year?), ISTR I ran into a few conspiracy messages that weren't *too* far short of this, so it could (just) be human.

All the same, the smart money would seem to be on one of those automatic sentence generators, like (my favourite) the Julie Burchill Random Recycler:-


"NB: The JBRR uses samples of her actual words and phrases. Sometimes
the generated copy will make sense, sometimes it won't. Sometimes, it
will make unsupported, questionable assertions. Just like the real thing!"

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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