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Re: VMs: michiton oladabas explained

 >Notice from the close-up zoom that the last 3 'letters' in DEOD are 
 >clearly Voynichese.
 It seems to be a mix. The second line, second word (with the [sigh] smudge) 
 ... the letter N "looks like" the Spanish enya ... that N with the "tilda 
 mark" above it.
 This has nothing to do with anything, but, I keep getting a picture in my 
 head of OLD. "This" writer is an old man. Thoughts / expressions are "not 
 [youthfully] clear."
 He also uses "the cross" as word divider ... which I find fascinating.
 It is difficult to have a rehearsed routine fit in with broken rhythm.
 Rehearsed routines lack the flexibility to adapt. - - L J F

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