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VMs: 2 articles + picture of WM Voynich + some speculation

Two articles by/about WM Voynich. The old timers will have these articles in their personal
archives, but for the rest of us I've put them online. I've made the pictures as small as possible,
but I hope you can still read them.

One article (with picture) is in German, the other in English. They give a nice insight in the
professional character and knowledge of "our man" while leaving open the question: "Where did he get
all those precious book from?"

Die Bibliophilen - W.M. Voynich - Von Professor Otto von Schleinitz in London
I suppose this is a further description of the books he sold to the London National Library

On the Study of Early Printed Books: Notes from a Lecture by Wilfrid Voynich
Notice the enticing text on the last page.

After all the "michiton oladabas" speculation  these are hard, tangible data. I still believe that
more data about WM Voynich might help our research. I don't entirely trust him :-)

In "The story of decipherment" I found the following quote:

Herbert and his companions "notes above a dozen lynes of strange characters, very faire and apparent
to the eye, but so mysticall, so oddly framed, as no Hieroglyphick, no other deep conceit can be
more difficultly fancied, more adverse to the intellect". He remarked that the characters were
arranged "in such simmetry and order as cannot well be called barbarous" and that they undoubtedly
formed intelligible writing which might perhaps "conceale some excellent matter, though to this day
wrapt up in the dim leaves of envious obscuritie".

Sounds familiar? He's talking about cuneiform - so there may be hope for us still :-)

>Unsolved Riddle of the Voynich Manuscript
>Gerry Kennedy, Rob Churchill

Does anyone know these people? How come they never said anything on the list? Surely they must have
used a lot of material from the list - or they have found a completely new approach. Shall we bet on

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