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RE: VMs: Voynich-addendum

I haven't been focusing on labels - but there are a few which give rise to some study and so I have focused on those.  A rotating alphabet or likewise may explain why my original attempt at translating "Aldebaran" seemed so successful in other cases but quickly failed.  I think we have all seen such "successes".

For instance, I originally interpreted "Aldebaran" as
d = al
ch = de
o = b
l =r
d = al
a = a
y = n

and converted several of the astro pages using this cipher.  I found several other star matches that seemed logical, but garbage otherwise.  So I abandoned that route.

I believe 2 things now:

1) Some labels are single alpha substitution
2) the starting "o" on many labels is not part of the word, but probably an indicator of the translation method
3) Some pages have "labels" that are, in fact, sentences placed word by word next to pictures, and hence are not really labels.
4) The underlying language is not European.  Most likely it is from Turkey or Judea.  

I know.....lots of theories.  Where is the proof?  Man, would I love to be able to give that!!!!!  While I once focused on the astro pages I am trying to broaden my scope these days to gain a higher level picture and I hope to have a better defined theory soon.

I really think that with all the stuff flying around these days that there are some great tracks going on and I would love to see one create that magic spark!  

I wish everyone the best in luck in whatever path you are following.  I don't need to be the person to solve this to be happy.  I just want to see it done!

Larry Roux
Syracuse University
>>> glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx 06/04/03 17:08 PM >>>

There were two previous significant attempts to read labels, and
each came up with their own numbering system.  The first was
Feely, and the second was Brumbaugh.  If you're focusing *only* on
labels, I should note that some of their cribs are probably valid.
Each had a different interpretation and numbering system, but
Feely's "ouari" for instance, IMHO, is a valid crib.

I am very interested in any cribs you have of labels anywhere in
the VMS.  In fact, I'd like to maintain a list of cribs for the
labels and will gladly make a page devoted to Voynich cribs.  This
is an excellent first-stage approach to this problem, and a
compilation of cribs from various viewpoints could be useful.


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