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Re: VMs: Re: Facts and Fallacies

--- Robert Teague <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So far, nobody has shown where the number
> correspondences are wrong;
> just a general reaction of "I don't buy into it
> because the time period revealed
> isn't what I think it should be".

It is probably just as hard to prove that it is
wrong, as it is to prove that it is right.
But the objection regarding the time period is
(in my opinion) a significant one. 
We don't know if anybody in Rudolf's court would
really have thought that the MS was from Roger
Bacon, but they would not have been fooled by
a brand new MS. Rudolf died in 1611 (IIRC).
In 1637 the MS is mentioned 
for the first time, so the MS definitely
predates that year. The opinions of various 
experts in their own fields (Panofsky, Toresella)
dating the MS to the late 1400's also counts
very heavily. 

All this means that evidence for a theory
which is at variance with this would have to be
really strong. 
But as you will have noticed, people are listening
to just about everything that is being said on
the list, so if you can make a case, you will
be heard.

Keep it up!


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