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AW: VMs: Pinmo (forget)

Pinmo is definetly not German.A site, which seems to refer to Pinmo is effectly a typo:pin-model was is original meaning.
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I did a web search and found this site - which does not give a language
I also find it a word in German and Czech web pages but since I don't know the languages well enough so I can't derive the meaning from the sentences I see.  One interesting Czech site has some Voyish-like text.  I assume it is in Czech(?)...but I couldn't verify that:
I go by where the page comes from


Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> philipneal_vms@xxxxxxxxxxx 06/10/03 08:16AM >>>
>Can someone look at f33r and tell me if I am crazy?
>I see the word "pinmo" (forget) in the hair of the face on the lower left

I see what you mean but I think the resemblance to writing is coincidental.
By the way, in what language does 'pinmo' mean forget?

Philip Neal

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