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Re: VMs: Original encoding scheme

Hi Larry,

At 20:03 11/06/2003 -0400, Larry Roux wrote:
Nick wrote: "...if there are numbers anywhere in there, we should have found them by now, surely?"

One could just as easily say "If there were words in there we should have found them by now, surely" too. The same with glyphs. By your context the Voy contains neither words nor numbers nor glyphs. So it MUST be a hoax.

For my sins, I was being ironic: in future, I'll try to remember to flag this with an <IRONY> ... </IRONY> xml wrapper. :-) [*]

So, rephrasing my original post: if there are any lightly-hidden numbers in the VMS, then we should have found them by now, surely? But if the VMS' code-maker was so smart as to make the rest of the coding system near-impenetrable, why make the numbers so easy to read?

Personally, I like the idea of a <dain daiin daiiin daiun daun dauin> "steganographic apothecary" numbering system, as it's just about as sophisticated as I think we can deal with (much subtler and we probably don't stand a chance). :-) Incidentally, I noticed a number of (-us suffix?) words in Georg Hayniger's MS ending with a looped-back terminating character, quite similar to an EVA <n> - this might be quite a good match for "primus, secundus, tertius", etc.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

[*] ...this sentence may of course be ironic too. :-)

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