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Re: VMs: French Review -- 1912

From: ajb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh dear indeed. I contacted the dealer last November

And I received the following reply

Dear AJB,

Thank you for correcting our error on this point.  I can't remember
where I heard about Bill Gates owning this, but I did hear something of
the like somewhere, and thought it interesting.  I wonder if there was
something else similar that he purchased.  Anyway, I will correct our
listings to reflect your clarification.

Best regards,
Brad Stewart

I think we have been fairly lucky so far. The pseudo-science of the 1970s has
increasingly been replaced by a fad for pseudo-history on the lines of
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. You know the formula: you take two
genuine mysteries (Stonehenge, the Templars, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Easter
Island, the Cathars, Atlantis, the Phaistos Disc) and invent a spurious
connection between them. It can only be a matter of time before somebody
writes a quick paperback called The Voynich Manuscript and Atlantis /
the Templars / Stonehenge or whatever.

Philip Neal

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