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RE: VMs: French Review -- 1912

Nick wrote:

That's funny, that same lady looks to me like she's wearing a beret (which,
considering the Subject line of this thread, would perhaps be appropriate?)

Hmmm.... is the world ready for "Voynich and The French Resistance - The
Untold Story"? :-)

Okay, so the ladies at 4:30 and 7:00 on 71r are wearing pointed berets,
silly me :-)  So if this is about the French Resistance, a branch based in
Italy I take it, resisting at a safe distance, then the archer makes this a
weapons training manual?  The antidotaries poison concoctions, the
balneological a treatise on drowning your victims to make it look like
suicide, and the biological pages a treatise on pressure points and ways to
neutralize (and disembowel) one's enemies?  I like it!

Off the off-topic, but I've been doing some reading on Apollo Solanus and
his influence on Galenic medicine.  Mostly trying to find out how much of
Solanus is rewritten in Eucharius Rosslin's early 16th century work on
childbirth.  I was surprised to find out that Solanus listed several
contraceptive recipes and methods, and many books based on Solanus also list
contraceptives and mention abortion methods.  Pretty heady stuff for these
times.  One contraceptive method involved vigorous motions, such as running
or trotting in place, and jumping backward after sex.  Coincidentally this
is also repeated in Strong's decipherment.  He was a lucky guesser.....

Something I didn't know about ancient Rome was that, traditionally, Romans
were forbidden to engage in medicine, so almost all their physicians were
Greeks.  Solanus (of Ephesus) was a Greek as well.  It's very difficult for
me to imagine an entire profession occupied by foreigners... well, maybe
convenience store clerk, but Doctors?  Get outta here! :-0


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