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Re: VMs: RE: RE: Map scans now posted...

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 12:45, Graham Waddingham wrote:
> So you'll never see a difference between 300dpi and 400dpi, due to limitations of
> your screen.

... presuming that a big image will always be scaled (reduced) to fit
the screen. But the difference will easily be seen when looking at a
portion of the unscaled image (or when the image is just scaled to 0.5
of the original size, for instance).

> So for a 300 dpi scanner, we should scan only at 300 or 150 or
> 100 or 75 or 50 dpi instead of "odd" fractional values like 80 or 120
> dpi. 

Yes, I forgot to mention that on my previous message.  Although 
algorithms used after scanning should not care about the specific
resolution, scanning and printing equipment obviously have some ideal
resolution choices related to its physical characteristics, as you

Best regards
                    J Esteves

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