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Re: VMs: Conclusions

Hi Chris,

 Not likely, very, very not likely, If I want to hide a message I hide it
in something that looks like an informal letter or a shopping list, not a
strange and fantastic document that invites scrutiny!

Well, OK - but why would someone roughly 500 years ago have thought the same as you?

Perhaps that simply points to its not having been intended for public examination? :-)

As for codes or
ciphers - it doesn't match any known method except for the completely
unlikely eg. if you read the eleventh and twenty-ninth letter of this
example it says 'hy' which could mean hi, a common form of greeting in the
early 21st century. I'm not convinced that the sentence was a secret code
 - are you? Yes, it is possible that it is some form of highly unusal
encoding scheme but there is no reason to suspect that it is, and
impossible to prove or disprove.

The VMS has a number of structural similarities to pair ciphers circa 1450: more particularly, I think it is suggestive of a pair cipher encoding vowel-less text (with the vowel-like half typically preceding the non-vowel-like half, to confuse the issue). When I get round to it, I plan to try to test this idea rigorously against some likely-looking texts to see how far it gets (this doesn't appear to have been carried out in the past).

Sure, this might be thought of as a "highly unusual coding scheme" - but it's made up out of elements known to crypto practitioners. Also, the VMS is probably the largest fully encoded manuscript out there by quite some margin (please correct me if I'm wrong!), so arguing by precedent may not be ~entirely~ applicable here.

 It is also possible that by applying the
right algorithm to the text you are reading now you will find that it is
really the location of a downed UFO encoded  - not impossible, just very,
very unlikely.

...or it might simply be a very interesting herbal written in code - so this doesn't quite amount to a reductio ad absurdam proof of impossibility. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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