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RE: VMs: RE: Map scans now posted...

I have personally seen f1r and 25-30 of the herbal pages in color slide, and
it is my understanding that a great deal of the manuscript is available on
slide or transparency, mostly pages that others have special ordered before,
so Beinecke kept the negative.  Maybe we might be able to get a list from
Beinecke of all folios that are available?  Some of them might be very
important to our understanding, and any folio image better than the copyflo
is a step up.


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> Hi Chris,
> >   Darn good idea. I see a lot of the current problems stem from (or are
> >exacerbated by) poor quality representations of the original
> source material.
> >
> >   What if we created a sponsorship deal of some sort? Buy a
> page for the VMs
> >effort, have your name permanently recorded on the margin of the image
> >provided
> >via the web. Make the resulting pages available free to all but under
> >copyright
> >to the VMs group, stipulating that they may be redistributed only without
> >alteration.
> >
> >   I'd buy a couple pages.
> >
> >   I don't know anything about non-profits, but if it was
> possible to make
> > it a tax
> >deductible donation, a lot more people might contribute. I bet
> there's geeks
> >abounding who'd like to buy a small page of infamy.
> Money isn't the issue here, it's priorities - because it's hard
> to link the
> VMS with existing art historical traditions (and hence with art
> historians
> etc), the VMS isn't in favour with academics, and hence isn't high up on
> the Beinecke's Big List Of Important Things To Bear In Mind.
> Like all institutions, the library has to prioritise its
> activities to fit
> its budget to its stakeholders' needs - and however passionate we
> are about
> the VMS, study of it is likely to remain a minority interest, unless some
> kind of smoking cannon breakthrough occurs to push it up the list
> (and onto
> the academic map).
> For example: I'm pretty sure that I asked the Beinecke curators about the
> "9-rosette" page a good while ago - AFAICR, the answer was that this had
> not been digitised, was not on microfilm, and was about to undergo
> restoration... all problems that our (collective) money probably
> cannot solve.
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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