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Re: VMs: Request for updated VMS links

Dear all,

--- GC <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I haven't really kept track of everybody's sites
> lately, but I'm trying to
> compile a nice list of links for a page, and I'd
> appreciate it if anyone who
> has a site and something to say about the VMS
> (whatever your opinion) to please send me your
> link.

I hope everyone responds. I have only got an
out of date list, which I have updated from time
to time, but it is very hard to do, and requires
continuous attention.
My page is at http://www.voynich.nu/
with backup at http://www.geocities.com/voynichms
and the list of partly outdated links is at:
http://www.voynich.nu/refs.html (near the bottom).
I know that some good ones are missing.


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