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Re: VMs: Conclusions - Algorithm? Oops :-(

"oops forgot SPACES in equation" (below)
<SNIP> last e.mail
  Hi Vladimir,
  >So, there are 4 possibilities
  >(1) HIGH USABILITY. The cipher is simple to encode and to decode. Then, 
  >after a short training the VMS "language" is
  >simple readable and writable whithout  intermedial step of  "coding".
  The first step, then, is to unhide the cipher language - we can worry about 
  the difficulties of breaking it afterwards. So, all my suggestions about 
  paired ciphers relate to unhiding the code, rather than to breaking that 
  code. FWIW, I don't believe I'll be the one to break the code, but I might 
  just be the one to unhide it... fingers crossed! :-)
  Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 
Oops - forgot to ADD "SPACES" in the equation(s) below if they are
important they are now inserted (see " ^^^ "> -sorry-
SNIP again... (most)
 ANYWAY (and I can fax you the page if you like - as ascii requires I
 change some of my (original dream) characters here.)
 IF you let: 
 " "	 space equal space;
 Nx 	equal 1 of (4 of 8) gallows;
 xN 	equal the other 1/2 (4 of 8) gallows;
 +	equals the continuation until next "Nx" or "xN";
 n	equals lower case vms stanalone char's (non gallows)
 nx	 "	"	" unkown number >7?  (greater than 7?) 
 [<se> more funny shapes <se>]
 "scripty F"  = "%" 	equals FOLDING/FLIPPING of key
 			% until encounter of Nx
 "script n\x" = "#"	equals lower case (nx)
                         actually looks a medical Rx but is "n"\x
^^^ "spaces" ^^^ "spaces" ^^^
 1) Nx(1)nx % (then Nx=Xn)%
 2) Nx(2)nx % (then Nx=Xn)%
 3-8) etc.. 
                           #=(abcdefgh) 1 of 2 lower characters
 xN+(abcdefgh)=xN+# (*) <- actual STAR <se>
 --------------- <- over line or divided by? =>VMS
 --------------- <- over line or divided by? =>VMS
 	A		B		A
 C		D-D		C---C		D
 	B		A		B 
 Sorry about not adding "spaces". BTW: the mirror looks "chemical
like" to me?

Also, ES said "I CAN DECODE" this, but NOT read IT :-(, If Nick can
"UNHIDE IT", and someone else can "READ IT", will you please let me
know what it says? (THANKS in ADVANCE).

Best to you & yours
steve (just a dream?) ekwall 

The above is way OVER MY HEAD in math!

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