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Re: VMs: Drawing circles

Also, by the 1430s artists were using projected light with a lens to trace the basic shapes of images for paintings which they then painted in.   For instance, a person could stand outside and a lens would focus the image onto a canvas which would then be traced (the image was upside down...but a flip of the canvas corrected that - except left/right was also reversed).
People were far more advanced back in the middle ages than most people think.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/06/03 05:12PM >>>
Hi everyone,

At 12:55 06/08/2003 -0700, Bruce Grant wrote:
>Barbara Barrett wrote:
> > I wonder how many listers realise that the artists tool, the "light
> > box", was actually invented in the 7th Century AD...

Well... Bishop Eadfrith, according to
         "...must have pioneered the medieval equivalent of the light box
         to secure the details in his illustrations."

I'm not sure that stands up as proof, though - do you have a better
reference than this, Barbara?

>This is very interesting. What did they use for a light source? It seems
>like candles would be too dim and too variable - maybe reflected sunlight?
>Or was it something as simple (but awkward) as pressing the page against a
>vertical window?

Here's someone with much the same theory as you, Bruce:-

But didn't even moderately-sized flat sheets of glass require a separate
(much later) technological revolution?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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