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VMs: New Site on the Block

Ken has instigated me to create a "static" site, devoted only to VMS images.
I'd been thinking about it for a long time, as I seem to be able to
reference several copies of an image where some others have little
reference.  This site has the capacity to hold my entire image collection
and much more, with ample space for Ken's files.

Obviously, a heavy work load sets the oompletion of this site weeks away,
but in the meantime, my good friend Nick might decide to come up with some
very good anti-aliased scans of the rosettes page, and others might have
files that can be held in the "miscellaneous images" section, such as the
detailed scans of portions of pages, etc.  If it's been posted, I guarantee
I have it.  If you haven't posted, I'd certainly like to see it.

Let's call it a One-Stop-Photo-Shop for VMS images, and don't be afraid to
give your name to an image or scan.  I'd most certainly like to give credit
where credit is due.

www.voynichinfo.com  (not to be confused with www.voynich.info the "tabula
raza" for Voynich ideas.  Seems very limited in imagination, but I really
didn't want to get into the legal hassles implied in a site called
voynichimages.com , or something similar.  If you think the name should
change, I can always assign an alias, but I still hope you appreciate the
fact that this "static" site is designed to be there when you need it.


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