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Re: VMs: Jeff's Voynich Encryption

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If anyone is interested I can refine the method and
> at the same time produce
> a lot more data to test against the VMS. I will only
> say how it was done if
> the stats agree with the VMS. I think that's fair.
> Don't you? BTW this is a
> readable text in english and several words repeat so
> it should be easy to
> crack. Souldn't it?

Hello Jeff,

the thing about the VMs is that it's over 200 pages 
long. The longer the text, the easier to crack,
(in theory, of course)
and for a text of the size you present, it is very
easy to make it 'uncrackable'.
Now this doesn't mean that you should start posting
pages and pages of text :-)

In any case, just to give you some feedback of
the type you're looking for: the above differs
from the VMs in many respects:
1) the words are too long
2) the word endings are too varied
Again, I suggest you read Bennet's book which
has been mentioned on the list a few times.
He has some interesting computer experiments where
he presents computer-generated English and 
German - I'sure you will be fascinated.

Cheers, Rene 

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