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Re: VMs: RE: Pairing

Hi GC,

At 20:52 11/08/2003 -0500, GC wrote:
I understand where Nick is
trying to go with his idea, but I don't 'see the end' of the idea, in the
sense that I think it takes things a bit far.  Here's why -

These kind of digraph counts are still artefacts of a glyph-centric transcription - they're adjacency statistics in a (fake) glyph transcription. The adjacency statistics of a pair transcription would (I'm quite sure) indicate a different kind of profile.

Your 37 (1% or more) digraph count corresponds fairly well with the approximate size of the pair cipher as observed, but note that they are quite different (and fairly unconnected) statistics. There's much more to be found here... :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling......

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