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RE: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

--- Don Latham <djl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There seems to me to be a problem with a program
> that produces VM like text
> that is only tested against entropic
> measurements-that is that there must be
> a great number of schemes that will give the same
> statistics, but may not
> have any other similarity to VM text.   In other
> words, the inversions are
> not unique; it might look like a duck, walk like a
> duck, and even quack, but
> can you eat it?  A test metric is needed that might
> include entropy, but
> should have other tests as well, IMHO.

Absolutely. It is, however, a good first check
since one is forced to think of a conversion 
(encoding / translation) method that produces
such anomalous values. There is indeed much,
much more to it.

Cheers, Rene

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