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Well... there may be some Slavic ("liod" is sort of the phonetic spelling
for 'ice' in Russian), Germanic ("rot" is 'red' in German), Albanian ("tand"
is the Northern Albanian [Geg] word for the 2nd person singular masculine
possessive pronoun 'your' [lit. 'thy'], as well as the word for 'arbor'; and
"tyta" means 'the barrel'), and Indo-Iranic: the "words" beginning with 'sr'
and 'rt'. Ancient Greek has the cluster 'rh' in quite a few words, as does
Welsh. "Tala" means 'beam' in Estonian (a Uralic language), and "taha" has a
number of meanings in Malagasy (a Malayo-Polynesian language). I'm sure this
doesn't help, but you asked...

Best wishes.


on 08/15/03 20:49, Jeff at jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I think I have worked out the algorithm used by the VMS. Full credit to Jon
> Grove and Brett Cotton if I am right. To be sure I'm posting a sample of
> 'deciphered' text. This IS NOT the solution! What I need to know from anyone
> on the list is this. Can any words of any known language be seen in the
> text? Or partial words? If so how many and what language. This will give me
> anchor points for substitutions.
> Yes I know it's not much but I did it all by hand and I'm too tired to do
> any more. Anyway I get criticism for posting too much junk. So there.
> Here it is. The top is the 'decipherment' and the bottom is the VMS text it
> was taken from. Letters in brackets are unknowns. Spaces I am assuming to be
> correct although I don't count on it and they may be faked. And don't anyone
> say sand is English!
> nctadr.liod.oe.mrwtet.sand.nepra.[c]rewlr.a.ine.hfosha
> spra.sraoe.ne.a.rlee.crrwtet.saoe.lrf.[c]aaoe.saaoe.rot
> hwwtee.neeia.ne.ebwtet.sanl.[c]sfolra.saalr.[d]mpwtet.um
> mlee.a.seeoe.[c]sfwtet.sfaoe.[c]nfwtet
> wsala.nepha.lbtana.lrtand.[c]retyta.eshta.mlet.tane.inr
> owtet.sanr.sgand.nepha
> erntn.bsana.[o]schwet.eaend.oiot.[s][h]emlet.hsrala.owtet
> sana.srala.[k]lowtet.tgta.[c][p][h][o]tchtkr.saala.ntf.ltmlet.l
> mlet.otet.tand.[o]owtet.[c]remlet.taha.erlet.rot.tyta.inl
> ntn.tand.hforot.rnta.rhta.rne.[c]rlowtet.ntn.btano
> lhtn.rtala.[c]rerlet.saln.ysand.olrdl.tyta.[d]mityta
> dyn.sand.ntf.[k]losala.[c]pfylka.tcslet.mlet.obedhr
> sanw.tane.tala.mlet.srala
> fachys.ykal.ar.ataiin.shol.shory.cthres.y.kor.sholdy
> sory.ckhar.or.y.kair.chtaiin.shar.are.cthar.cthar.dan
> syaiir.sheky.or.ykaiin.shod.cthoary.cthes.daraiin.sa
> dair.y.chear.cthaiin.cphar.cfhaiin
> yshey.shody.okchoy.otchol.chocthy.oschy.dain.chor.kos
> daiin.shos.cfhol.shody
> oksho.kshoy.otairin.oteol.okan.shodain.sckhey.daiin
> shoy.ckhey.kodaiin.cphy.cphodaiils.cthey.she.oldain.d
> dain.oiin.chol.odaiin.chodain.chdy.okain.dan.cthy.kod
> sho.chol.shodan.kshy.kchy.dor.chodaiin.sho.kchom
> ycho.tchey.chokain.sheo.pshol.dydyd.cthy.daicthy
> yto.shol.she.kodshey.cphealy.dasain.dain.ckhyds
> shok.chor.chey.dain.ckhey
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