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Re: VMs: Image Source, Accuracy of Transcriptions

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here the top line is letter for letter a
> representation of the first line of
> pepys cookbook. It is based on using pure EVA and is
> a modification of what
> I believe the VMS algorithm to be and would have
> made it more uncrackable
> than it already is as it would have masked the
> repetition in word endings,
> which is the biggest clue.
> Now before you come back and tell me I am wasting my
> time, you tell me how this works. 

Hello Jeff, I can understand that you did not
like what I wrote, but in a way, if one takes
a step back and take a look, one could argue
that we're all wasting our time. But it's fun.
Filling in crosswords is also a waste of time,
by the same argument.

> You have the plain text
> and the encipherment. Want to take the challenge.
> All the information is there
> cy.odei.f.ftke.ti.arcta.si.nhe.qhcky.ac.yook.tslshde
> cookbook plain text
> to.make.a.stew.of.flesh.yf.thy.potte.be.iiij.gallons

I have no chance on Earth in trying to crack this :-)

My point is: I am not at all challenging your
method or appraoch. Instead, I think you may
be feeding it with inaccurate data.

Cheers, Rene

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