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Re: VMs: Worry - information loss in transcription - pictures ...

illumin8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> As a native New Englander I always wondered why everyone else "a funny
> accent". So I studied dialects and phonetics since childhood. Phonetics
> is all about transcription. If your transcription is too broad then
> information in lost. I say the four "a" & "e" vowels in "May Mary merry
> marry" completely different. They are four phonemes to me (say
> meaningful glyphs in VMs). Some people merge two or more of them. But
> the International Phonetic Alphabet only has three vowel signs (glyphs)
> to transcribe my four sounds /e, _, epsilon, æ/. Information is lost.
> Some have recognized this inadequacy and propose /e, small-cap-E,
> epsilon, æ/.

	You need to talk to Barbara Barrett, if you haven't
already done so!

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