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Re: VMs: Sideways text? Bleedthrough? Erased image?

Hi Larry,

One other (possibly key) observation: if you look at the end of the tail of the 'g' of "augft" (though I should also say that you could read this just as well as "angst"), I think it should be fairly clear that the text you're talking about appears to cross *over* it (as well as through the down-stroke of the letter 'u').

Given that most commentators (myself included) think that the month names were a later addition, this would all seem to point to this mysterious extra layer of text being added later still, which would be rather more consistent with the idea of accidental contact ink transfer than with the idea of its being meaningful (if scrambled) text added at the time of the VMs' creation.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: don't forget that we're talking about really tiny text here. :-o

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