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Re: VMs: Sideways text? Bleedthrough? Erased image?

<grin>  I actually have no true theory at this time on the whole thing.  It is all way too weird.

This is what I see:

1) there is a heck of lot of "noise" on this page.  While I have noted several characters (see http://web.syr.edu/~lroux/f72v3red.jpg) this is only a fraction of the characters that are visible (most of which cannot be made out).  Most of it runs south->north (as the page is traditionally shown, left to right in my page).  BUT there are places where it runs in other directions, including a spot on the bottom-center (left in my page) where the text runs in an arc around the blackish portion.

2) The text is a mixture of numbers and voy-like characters (ch, k, y).  

3) the text also includes non-voy characters.  Some of which can almost be made out and appear as French, Spanish or both. There are also some greek characters. In the center appears to be "de auth de GER", at the lions rump appears to be "de Lapara".  The french word "dit" is seen between the lion's front paws.  You also see "La wora" and what appears to be "john dylan" or "john cyzan".  Also seen: "deux", "eux", "nico**pan" and roux (common french word, nothing to do with me to be sure), "ormefior" and "onechta21"

4) Some of the inner nymphs seem to have glyphs on their bellys.  It is unclear whether these are meant as part of the picture or are parts of the "faded" or "erased" text.

5) Some of the letters/numbers appear to follow the voy text (usually above it).  Above voy "o" is usually 'A' and above voy 'k' is usually "H'

6) all of the grey on this page (ALL of it) is due to these characters.  I mean it.  They are everywhere you look.

7) I can't explain any of this.  Most of the text is voy-sized characters but there are some smaller.  If the voy is as small as people say it seems incredible.  And - even worse, if you look at the circles themselves it almost appears as if they are, in fact, made of text.  Look at the innermost circle - above the lion's back and under "okiol aud cholal" and that is just crazy.

8) the text is not reversed (ie not mirror image) so it is unlikely that it is from contact with other pages (unless they were written Davinci-like themselves).  The text also seems to belong here.  The way it fits on the page (ie avoiding faults in the vellum) it is pretty clear that it is an artifact of the page itself.  

9) f72r2 and f72v1 (at least) also has some of this text.  

Anyways.  I am trying to find some text that makes sense to me - that might give better indication where it is from.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/31/03 09:56PM >>>
Hi Larry,

At 21:34 31/08/2003 -0400, Larry Roux wrote:
>I was thinking it was later too, but then I began to think that some of 
>the characters seem to be incorporated into some of the drawings.  I'll 
>keep looking.

First rule: where there's evidence, describe the evidence - regardless of 
whether it leads towards or away from your theory du jour. Theories can 
come later!

>I don't know vellum from a hole in the head - could this page have been 
>laid beneath other pages (not necessarily voy) as a base to catch 
>bleed-through?  Was that done?

<fx: sound of barking up wrong tree> :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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