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Re: VMs: [Possible VIRUS warning] Worry - information loss in tra nscription - pictures ...

On Monday 01 September 2003 11:01, Jon Grove wrote:
> FYI, my virus checker at work just gave me this message:
>  From:	Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx>
>  To:	vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
>  Subj:	Re: VMs: Worry - information loss in transcription - pictures ...
>  Sent:	2003-09-01 10:39
> originally addressed to the following recipient(s):
> 	JGrove@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> has been encapsulated and forwarded to you.
> Reason: Virus infection
> One of the attachment(s) in the message is possibly infected by a virus.
> Additional info:
> Virus scanner reported virus infection for message.eml
> -----------------------------

This is very strange. I am mailing out from a linux machine in text mode.  No 
attachments in that message.
I received a copy of my message and there is no attachments to it.



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